Datasheets is a resource for technical specifications of TCG branded products. TCG branded products usually starts with standard commercially available product, but are configured in a way that makes them unique to specific applications. You will also find specifications for TCG developed software applications.

Barcode ScannerBarcode Scanners The barcode scanners section is comprised of product datasheets for TCG customized tethered and cordless scanners. Including items like the 1902HHD-0USB-5FVA healthcare VA scanner.


Software TCG designs and writes asset tracking, inventory management, and check in/out applications. Here you will find brochures for our full suite of TCG’s Chameleon customizable software.


Mobile Computers Mobile computers customized by TCG allow for enhanced data collection on the go. This includes items like the TCG batch radio 9950 with Maximo enabler.


Barcode & Label Printers TCG customized printers have embedded intelligence often achieved through customized firmware. This includes printers like the M4308PAP defaulted with settings for American Red Cross.